Thursday, November 1, 2012

Super Geeky Episode IV: A New Dope

I love writing screenplays, but it takes a long time with a full-time job and three kids.  I only get about an hour a night to write.  After three years and eight or nine drafts, I consider a screenplay "finished."  It's such a long cycle to get feedback and see if it works or not.  As a way to stay creative and do something with a really short cycle time, I started making these Super Geeky videos with my family.  The freeing thing is the speed.  It takes me a couple of hours to write the script, half a day to shoot on a FlipCam, and about a week of editing.  Then I can post it online for people to see and get immediate feedback.

The Super Geeky videos are a Jeopardy parody where my 3-year-old daughter Nora (she's now 4) competes against us in a trivia contest.  For this one, we went with a Star Wars theme.  It still makes me happy that Nora walks around the house humming The Imperial March.