Saturday, March 16, 2013

Super Geeky 5: Nora Potter and the Super Geeky

We're back for our fifth Super Geeky video. For this one, we went with a Harry Potter theme since my older girls love the series. It was a family affair, as all of us worked on it. I used this one as an excuse to teach myself After Effects through various tutorials on the web. You can get a free 30-day trial license for the expensive software, so that gave us a nice deadline. After creating some VFX, I now have a lot more respect for the VFX artists out there. It was a lot of fun, and a real blast to show to my girls when all the post was finished. Nora was too scared of Voldemort to watch it more than once, while Branna wants to watch it, "100 more times, maybe more."

Director/Writer/Editor/VFX/Sound: Mike Sundy
Cinematographer/Costume Designer/Hair & Makeup Artist: Tara Sundy
Special Thanks to: Lara Pendleton

Nora Potter: Nora Sundy
Hermione Granger: Fiona Sundy
Lord Voldemort: Mike Sundy
Ginny Weasley: Branna Sundy
Hagrid: Mr. Wiggles
Harlem Shake dancers: The Sundy Family

For our previous Star Wars themed Super Geeky video, see: Super Geeky IV: A New Dope

"Making of" details
It was shot on a Flipcam, then edited in iMovie.  For VFX, I used After Effects and Trapcode Particular.  For the sound effects, I used a Youtube mp3 ripper and imported it into Audacity.

Special thanks to VFXCoach, who made most of the After Effects tutorials I used below.  His website is here:

Opening Harry Potter titles:
Stupefy spell:
Expelliarmus spell:
Priori Incantatem spell:
Apparate spell:
Protego spell:
Accio spell (wire erase): Used After Effects CC Wire Removal tool
Harry Potter spell sound effects:!