Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SANTAGATE is an AFF Finalist!

SANTAGATE is a family comedy script I wrote over the course of a couple years.  I started it in the amazing Tim Albaugh's UCLA Online workshop.  After I wrote the rough draft, I pitched it at my first Austin Film Festival in 2010.  Not being the best pitcher, I was shocked to tie for third in the Pitch Finals.  Two years and seven drafts later, it makes the AFF comedy screenplay finals.  Many thanks to my fellow writers in the UCLA Online Workshop and Pixar Screenwriters' group for all the great notes.

Logline: A kid reporter obsessed with the truth struggles to uncover the greatest grown-up conspiracy of all time: the secret of Santa.

2012 Austin Film Festival Finalist in the comedy screenplay category (top 5 scripts out of 2000)
2012 Austin Film Festival Semi-Finalist for Enderby Entertainment Award
2011 BlueCat Quarterfinalist (older draft)