Monday, September 14, 2015

Screenwriting and the Austin Film Festival

The gorgeous Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX - AFF Headquarters

Welcome fellow screenwriters!  The greatest screenwriting festival in the history of the world is coming up at the end of October.  I'm lucky enough to be a panelist for the first time, along with excellent writers Susan Brunig and Emily Zulauf.  We'll be speaking on "Creating and Sustaining a Kick-Ass Writers Group."  Thought I'd collect my posts related to screenwriting groups and the Austin Film Festival (AFF) for your convenience.  Enjoy!

HTD Express Podcast - AFF guide and screenwriting process podcast I did with the unstoppable Handsome Timmy D.

Sense of Direction - serendipitous events, or more reasons to go to AFF.

Accelerate Your Writing Talent with a Writers Group - taking the principles of Dan Coyle's excellent Talent Code book and applying them to building writing talent.  Also, the importance of desserts.

Pixar Writers Workshop - how we organize and run our extracurricular writing group at Pixar.